Mother Language Monument Artwork 2023

Artwork of BCAE Bangla School Students on the occasion of International Mother Language Day 2023. They tried to sketch the original Mother Language Monument build in Dhaka in 1972. Artworks are ordered alphabetically [first name]. Note, these artworks will also be part of IMLD Book 2023 by International Heritage and Language Association. 

Brief History of International Mother Language Day : The people of Bangladesh sacrificed their lives on the 21st of February 1952 to establish Bangla as their state language. In January 1998, two Bangladeshi Canadians Rafiqul Islam and Abdus  Salam from Vancouver, wrote a letter to United Nations to take a step for saving the world's languages from extinction  by declaring an International Mother Language Day.  The 21st of February was proclaimed as  the International Mother Language Day  by the General Conference of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in November 1999 to promote the preservation and protection of all mother languages used by peoples of the world.  Canada was one of the countries that  co-sponsored the proposal of International Mother Language Day in UNESCO  along with the other four nations, namely, Bangladesh, India, Finland, and Hungary on November 17, 1999. 

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Aniya Shaleez Ali

Ateeb Mobarok

Fardeen Sikder

Ida Dey Bhakat

Shaikh Tawsif Anam

Taheem Tawhid

These artwork published on the Mother Language Day Book 2023 composed by International and Heritage Languages Association (IHLA). The book can be downloaded from the follwoing link: IHLA MLD Book 2023